Visuals grab attention, inject emotion, and spark curiosity. Stories help us understand, remember and share. I create visual stories that show and tell. To inform and engage your customers, employees and stakeholders.



What does it look like?

Are your stories visible? Are they shareable? In the right places and the right ways? Are they bringing you maximum value?

  • Align co-workers to tell the same story
  • Persuade stakeholders to buy into your story
  • Inspire customers to embrace your story
  • Recruit employees to join your story

After all, every story is an asset and a tool. A bridge to connect. On a human level. In a memorable way. My job is to visualize stories and put them to work for you.



What I do

We'll work together to find your story and shape it in a way that informs, entertains and engages.

finding your story

  • Exploratory workshops
  • Internal alignment
  • Story development
  • Co-creation

sharing your story

  • Infographics
  • Nonlinear presentations
  • Customer journeys
  • Explainer videos
  • Strategy maps

My process is streamlined for collaboration. I’ll guide you through it with easy tools and clear milestones — from our first meeting to final delivery.


icon design | branding | character design | animation
BAluminium roadmap
icon design | infographic | animation
HDarling Ingredients
icon design | infographic | animation
Clients include:


My story

I am a storyteller. I see that now. I've been drawing every day since childhood. In the past, I've called myself an illustrator, an animator, a graphic designer, a visual communicator.

Whatever you call it, I always start by diving into the narrative:

What's the big picture?
How did you get here?
Why should anyone care?

Because people want to know more than just what you do. They want to know why you do it.


Let's talk about you

Get in touch and let's see how we can bring your story to life.

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